Nike Advertisement Campaign


In this project, I created an advertising campaign for Nike.To do this, I researched the history of Nike, and their current branding strategies, and campaigns. Through this research, I observed that Nike branding is highly based on lifestyle, and not as commonly targeted at specific products. In addition to this, I took into account the target audience of Nike – teens and young including people of low-moderate/high fitness levels. Because of this, I chose to create a campaign with the tagline “Live Your Dreams”, as to inspire individuals to start working out, or keep on going and attempting to be like their inspirations (such a pro sports players). Alongside this tagline, in the ad I created, I chose to use two faces, cut in half down the middle, and put together as if they were one. On one side, I put an aspiring athlete; on the other side, I put a pro sports player (in this example, soccer).  This was meant to show how following your dreams can make you into your inspirations, as well as to inspire people to keep trying at their goals. I chose to modify the images (specifically the soccer player) to make it fit Nike’s brand-style better, which meant increasing the darkness and contrast, and making the photo look way more “epic” than a normal photo of a sports player.





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