Prestige Knives Rebrand

Lately, I have been doing a lot of work with Prestige Knives. This project started when I came up with a logo concept for their brand, which was greatly received. As a result of this, we finalized the logo, and many more small projects spurred from it. The graphics I have done from Prestige Knives include numerous advertisements and giveaway images, as well as social media rebranding, and many more images which are on their site ( Be on the lookout for more as this project is still in progress!


Prestige Knives Logo: 

CftGCdbVIAEKgkR (1)



PrestigeKnivesAd2clCasesWebsite CoinFlipAd

Case Previews:




Knife Previews:


Twitter Rebrand (Case Hardened):


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